For hotel delivery, we will need to know the full name of the registered guest. Note this may not be the person the gift basket is for.

This is required for the hotel to look up the reservation.  Please note we cannot delivery to the hotel room nor need to know the room number. The basket will be signed for and left with the hotel Concierge or Bell Desk and considered delivered. We will only leave a gift basket once the intended recipient is confirmed as a registered guest.

It is often OK to deliver BEFORE the guest arrives as long as the hotel can find their reservation. Please note that most hotels will not leave in the room until the guest has arrived as room assignments are usually not known. We are not responsible for any delays on the hotels part getting the gift basket delivered. We encourage you to contact the guest if you think they have not received the gift basket after a time. The hotel will leave a message on their room phone, but people often ignore the message. Demi’s Gift Baskets cannot refund if the guest leaves without getting the gift baskets.

Also note that most hotels have a Bell Desk delivery charge. Most of our gift baskets support adding $3.00 to the purchase price. If selected, we will bring $3.00 in cash for the Bell Desk room delivery tip.

Also note we cannot deliver gift baskets with alcohol outside of Henderson, NV.

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